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Waring pro DHR30 professional Dehydrator Review

Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator Review
Food dehydrator is a device which is used to preserve fruit, vegetables, and animal protein after harvest. The basic purpose of a food dehydrator is to remove moisture content from all these things and prevent it from any degradation and contamination. Basically, it uses a heat source and air flow to reduce the water content present in the food. Food Dehydrators preserve the food and increase its shelf life. Different Dehydrators are available in the market with different specifications and different prices. But among all of them, Waring pro DHR30 professional dehydrator is a top selling online dehydrator. It has some drawbacks too, but it also has some benefits. Before buying this, please read my food dehydrator reviews you have to know its features and specifications.

Features and specifications of Waring pro DHR30 professional Dehydrator

- It is actually a very basic dehydrator with 5 trays which can be expanded up to total 9 trays.                                                                                                                                             
- It does not have an automated temperature. It has an adjustable temperature having five stages like Off, fan Only, Low, Medium, or High. Having no automated timer is one of its drawbacks because some food needs high enough temperature for safe use and some need low enough temperature. So for best results, use an appliance thermometer for the proper temperature.
- At the bottom of the unit there is a fan which is vented at the top. This design is to draw out the moisture. But the food on the lower trays dries more rapidly than on the upper trays. To overcome this problem you have to rotate the trays as needed. After how many times you have to rotate the tray depends on the food which you have to dry. It is difficult to clean the fan because sometime small foods such as nuts or chopped fruit will fall through the small openings present in the tray. And this dehydrator has not such type of trays or inserts which accommodate these foods.
- It has a large capacity, it runs quietly and it is very easy to operate. It is measured 11.5” deep, 15.5” wide, and 13.5” high with 5 trays. The trays are of slightly oval shape. This shape is good for long strips of meat when you are making jerky.
- The unit is with 620 Watts and 110V. It can dry foods more rapidly than lower wattage devices or units without fans.
- Waring pro DHR30 professional dehydrator has not a wide range of colours. It is available only in one colour and i.e. black.  The whole unit is made up of plastic with a black base and a clear top.
- It also includes 1 fruit Roll-Up sheet and a small instruction booklet. Be sure, do not try to make lots of fruit leather or process liquids, because the unit has only one sheet which is slightly oval. You have to buy it from the market, but in the market square or rectangular trays are available. It is difficult to find oval trays.
- Extra is drying trays and extra fruit roll-up sheets can be purchased as an optional accessory.


- It has great capacity at a reasonable price.
- It is expandable by inserting 9 trays at a time in it.
- Having adjustable thermostat. It has limiting setting options which are better than have no adjustable options.
- It has a good warranty. It has 5 years limited warranty on motor and 1 year limited warranty on appliances.


- Having no automated timer.
- It has very limited temperature control.
- At the bottom fan is mounted, requires tray rotation for drying and makes cleaning harder.
- It includes only one 1 fruit roll-up sheet and extras are costly.
- No mesh inserts are available.
- It has a questionable durability.


Waring is a well-known brand that makes a lot of quality products. This product has an excellent capacity. It might be a good choice for someone, but it is not best and top of the list.

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